As the president of the club there are moments that fill me with pride and joy.  Yesterday was one of those. It was fantastic to see multiple generations of community members gathered under one roof to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Through the Club's fines, we were able to raise $640 for the seniors.  This year, these dollars will have a direct impact to residents of the Truckee Donner Senior Apartments.  
Yesterday, I was approached by Jesse, aka Clarence, who had a special request.  Clarence asked if there was a way that Rotary would be able to provide gift cards for food at Safeway so they could have tri-tip steak for this year's holiday diner. Clarence informed me that the residents of the Truckee Donner Senior Apartments live on an average of $850/mo. and that items like meat are rarely part of their menu.  Clarence has arranged for the Ritz Carlton staff to come to the complex and prepare an elaborate meal for the residents.  At the end of yesterday's meeting, I asked Clarence how much she thought she would need to for the dinner and she said $400 would be plenty.  I said we would be happy to do this.  Art was able to deliver the Safeway gift card to her apartment. Clarence sent me this email last night,
Jason, how do I thank have no idea what those gift cards mean to make this holiday season .. I am so humbled by what you did talk about being surprised...again thank you.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and I wanted you all to know that you have made Clarence very happy.