This story is devoted to providing Truckee Rotary Members some helpful hints on using this web site. There is no particular order to the information provided, it's just what I found may be useful to getting used to this.

  • Log-In   Once you log in, The "Admin page" will appear. Everything on the page in bold print, you have access to. Everything that is dimmed out - you don't have access to. 

  • Edit Site Pages  Important! One of the options you have on the "Admin Page" allows to change the  pages on the web site - PLEASE DON"T!   I have no idea why they gave every member the ability to do this but that will be bad for me (and bad for you).

  • The Calendar -  On the home page is a "mini" calendar. It only displays the current month's activity. If you want more information or what to see future months you need to click on the "Calendar" link at the top of the page.
  • Sending email to all club members - It's a little different. You can no longer use to send a message. Instead log into the new site. On the "Admin" page look for "Email Message Center"  Click on that and then click on "Compose new message".  You will see a selection of common lists. If you click on the box next to Active & Honorary members You would send the message to all club members. If you want to add other lists, just click on the box. Fill in the subject and type your message ( spell check is the blue check mark with "abc"). If you have an attachment go to "Step 3 (optional) you will download the file you wish to attach from your computer...So you need to know where it is. If it is an attachment from someone elses email that you received, you will need to save it somewhere on your computer first.
  • To add a calendar event and _ PLEASE DO! just click on the "Edit Event" link on the "Admin" page.  Click on the "Add event" link at the top left and add as much information as you want. If you want to experiment just put "test" on the item so I can remove it later.

  • Your Profile ..... Ahhh  from now on it is up to each member to update their own information, except your picture...I'll add that for you. On the "Admin" page just click on the "Edit my Profile" link.  Click on the "Edit" link in the upper middle part of the page and do your updating. When your done just click on the "Go Back" button at the bottom of the page.

  • Photo Albums   So you went to an event and you want to share your photos with all of us. Go for it.  On the "Admin" page click on the "Edit Photo Albums" and follow the directions. Note: One of the oddities of this program, you would think that the little pencil on a piece of paper is the "edit" icon - not so, that just changes the name of the photo album. The "spy glass" icon is what you use to edit the photo album. This applies to some other areas also.  Hint - Complete the basic information for the photo album and add one photo.  Save it - go back into the album using the "edit icon" (this time it IS the pen on the paper icon. Look for the "Multi-file Upload" button. You can then open a folder on your computer and tag multiple photo's to download.